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Favorite loads for the 7mm SAUM...

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Do any of you have some favorite loads for the 7mm SAUM. I have a Sendero coming in next week and was just curious as to some of your favorite loads...ultimate accuracy is what I'm looking for...for long range shooting. Thanks!

One more question...Do any of you know if there would be any benefit to Ackley Improving this caliber...or would it just lead to stuck cases from the lack of body taper??? Thanks again!

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    NO,.the AI will gain little in this case. The short mags and Ultra's are made with little/no taper. All you would be doing would be to add the shoulder angle. You will gain a few firings in case life,.but that is it.

    As far as pills go,..the 162gr a-max will be hard to beat. Now,..when you want to go to hgiher BC pills,..the 175gr SMK or 180gr berger will be most impressive, but can be finicky about velocity.

    I talked to my smith about the AI and he said to go with the standard chamber for easy loading of factory stuff. The gain in that chamber will not be worth the trouble. The short mags are pretty much maxed out as is.

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