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Activ shells

Baxter m1Baxter m1 Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
Anybody out there know where I could buy some Activ brand 3" hulls? I reload them with a steel recipie of 3's and B's that give me approx 1650 fps. that I use for duck hunting. The guy that set me up with the recipie says that I could switch over to Cheddite hulls if I can't find any without changing the load characteristics( a local commercial loader)
By the way, when I originally found out that Activ was going out of business, I bought all the turkey loads and slugs that I could.....I have yet to find a round that shoots so good thru my slug gun or pattern as well for turkeys as what I have( although by the time I run out, I am quite sure that the turkeys loads will have come a long way with technology.....sorry so long winded


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