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9MM & 380

B17-P51B17-P51 Member Posts: 2,185 ✭✭✭
Why are some .355 bullets labeled for the .380 and some are labeled for 9mm. Look in any catalog. I have shot both, in both,for years with no bad results. I was thinking maybe the 95 gr made for the .380 had a thinner jacket but what would it matter with FMJ bullets?


  • PearywPearyw Member Posts: 3,699
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  • 5mmgunguy5mmgunguy Member Posts: 3,853
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    Both the .380 and the 9MM use .355 bullets. It is just that the .380 is maxed out with 100 gr bullets while you can load 147 gr bullets in the 9MM. You can shoot the lighter .380 bullets in a 9MM, in fact I shoot 90 gr bullets in my 38 Super. The gun has had a little work on it but it will push the 90 gr bullet at 1800 fps and the bullet hangs together just fine until it hits something then it violently comes apart.
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