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Case Lube alternatives?

codenamepaulcodenamepaul Member Posts: 2,931
I hate One Shot. Been using Frankford Arsenal lately-I do like it. I use Lee on my .50 BMG cases (only stuff that seems to work. I have heard putting the Lee stuff in alcohol will work (jonk-disciple method) I have also heard about using Imperial sizing wax-any way to spray this on-does it dilute in alcohol?

Looking for a cheaper way to lube cases-lots of cases. I tumble before and after decap/size so residue should not be a huge issue.


  • jonkjonk Member Posts: 10,121
    edited November -1
    I have never tried diluting Imperial sizing wax but it is basically just anhydrous lanolin. Dillon's spray case lube lists 2 ingredients- isoprophyl alcohol and lanolin. So I would think that you could dillute the Imperial stuff yourself with no issue.

    The main reason I'm a fan of Lee sizing lube is that it is water based and doesn't leave a sticky mess on the loading block when I spray; it does leave a film but at least it is dry. Also in that it dries and doesn't stay sticky, I don't HAVE to tumble the cases after sizing- a big plus when loading progressively with once fired brass as otherwise you'd have to remove the cases from the press defeating the purpose. So any case lube that gets in the case just dries and is harmless. I do often then tumble the loaded rounds to remove the lube from the outside of the case- which is something that causes a great deal of debate in terms of opinions on safety, but I am ok with it.

    I agree though, 1 shot isn't so great. It works but is expensive, easy to waste, and is the only lube I've had stuck cases with as it is hard to apply evenly.
  • codenamepaulcodenamepaul Member Posts: 2,931
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    I tumble after I decap anyway-I don't know if there is a whole lot of issue with tumbling live-can't see one myself
  • JustCJustC Member Posts: 16,055 ✭✭✭
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    imperial is the best, and a little can will last 5-10yrs. I rinse in hot water (boiling) with some vinegar added. Of course you can always tumble after sizing to take care of it.
  • codenamepaulcodenamepaul Member Posts: 2,931
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    To: Jonk-et al

    Anhydrous lanolin is available via fleabay for about 12 bucks a pound delivered. I purchased a 3 oz can for $2 to try it out and compare it to the 2/2oz cans of Imperial I also ordered. I should have a report by weeks end, I suspect.
  • 4627046270 Member Posts: 12,627
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    I use one shot, no problems foe me.
    Ive got a friend he in his 70's, he uses pam.
    I'll never use it. But he swears by it.
  • deceedecee Member Posts: 456 ✭✭✭
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    Maybe I should try One Shot on my eggs
  • codenamepaulcodenamepaul Member Posts: 2,931
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    Store bought 100% lanolin (found in the breast feeding section) doesn't seem to dissolve well in denatured alcohol-even when both are warmed up. We'll see how it works on some cases though.
  • ClaimbusterClaimbuster Member Posts: 38 ✭✭
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    The spray-on case lubes are probably the best thing to happen to reloading in years. You can make your own spray case sizing lube in bulk by mixing liquid lanolin (cosmetic grade is best) and 99% isopropyl alcohol. A solution of 1 part liquid lanolin and 4 to 5 parts parts 99 percent isopropyl alcohol (4 oz of liquid lanolin to16 - 20 oz of isopropyl) works well. When mixing you may find that the lanolin mixes better if you warm both the alcohol and lanolin in a bath of warm water to about 105 - 110 degrees F before mixing. DO NOT WARM EITHER OF THEM OVER AN OPEN FLAME! Once the solutions are warm, pour together, mix thoroughly, allow the mix to cool (mix occasionally as it cools) and store in an air tight container to prevent water from being absorbed by the isopropyl. Put mixture into an ordinary spray bottle. To apply the lube, spread the cases in a single layer on a clean surface and spray. Allow the cases to sit for a couple of minutes, roll the cases around and lightly spray again. Wait until the alcohol has evaporated (about 5 minutes) and start sizing. Properly lubed cases will have a slightly greasy feel to them without feeling slimy.

    Very similar to Dillon's spray lube.[^][^]
  • codenamepaulcodenamepaul Member Posts: 2,931
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    Just recieved my Imperial sizing wax too. How is this used?
  • Tailgunner1954Tailgunner1954 Member Posts: 7,815
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    For Pistol, I smear a little on the thumb, index and middle fingers of my left hand (wipe index finger on lube, than rub all 3 together). If you can see a sheen on your fingers, you have enough lube on them. I use my left hand to load the cases into the press, and simply handling them transfers enough lube.

    For Rifle, I place a pea size chunk in the palm of 1 hand, than rub your palms together, working the lube into your skin. Taking 5 cases at a time (for 30-06 size brass) roll the brass between your palms. That pea size chunk is enough to easily do 150 30-06 class cases.
    Another way to do rifle brass is similar to doing pistol brass, where you use your fingers to apply it to the side of the case "below" the shoulder.
  • lpaalplpaalp Member Posts: 942 ✭✭
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    Using Imperial, I tap my thumb and middle finger in the wax, then twist the case between those two fingers. Lay the case on a rag until I have done 15 or 20, then wipe them off individually. I have a friend who uses a Q-tip.

    Probably any number of ways to get the wax on the case (see above); I think the key is not to get too much on a case.
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