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Moderate .44 Mag Factory Loads??

MichibayMichibay Member Posts: 816 ✭✭
Years ago Remington offered the .44 Mag 240 grain in a very nice shooting 1000 fps round. This stuff is no longer available. A few years ago I cam accross some new ammo loaded by a company called 3D.
They offered a "cowboy load" very similiar to the old Remington...240 gr lead flat-point at 1000 ft per sec. This is really sweet shooting stuff! It's no "ice cream cat" either...It's quite a bit faster than .44 specials...and in fact approaches the balistics of a .41 mag. I don't believe that the "3-D" stuff is available any longer either. anyone aware of any factory stuff available in the 1000fps range in .44 mag???
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