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.40 cal S&W pet loads

I'm just about ready to start reloading for my Xd 40.Do any of you have a pet load for something in the 155, 165 grain fmj? I'll be shooting targets mostly.[:)][:)][:)]


  • chunkstylechunkstyle Member Posts: 2,463 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I've been reloading light target loads for .40 with 155's and 165's using Accurate #5. I'm shooting it in a CZ-40P. So far, workups to 7.4gr for 155 and 6.5gr for 165 are adequate to work the action and still give good accuacy and control. I'll experiment with 180's next.
  • PearywPearyw Member Posts: 3,699
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    I load 155 gr jhp with 8.2gr AA5. This is full power load.
  • victorlvlbvictorlvlb Member Posts: 5,004
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    I was measuring the .40 cal ammo that I've bought. Thier all very near 1.125 or less in over all length. My book states they could be as long as 1.135". Does the 1.125" or less insure a better feed from the mag? For all the loads in my book o.a.l. is 1.125"
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