NEW action by former Nesika Bay *PICS*

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This is the News Announcement:

Glen Harrison's New Bolt Actions will Proudly Carry the Name Phoenix Machine Technologies, LLC

- In the world of precision bolt actions, few names are as recognized as Glen Harrison. Harrison's actions are world renowned for precision machining and excellent accuracy. They are made from the best aerospace certified materials available and manufactured with very tight tolerances. These actions are designed to function flawlessly with extreme durability and be very pleasing to the eye.

Phoenix Machine Technologies' actions are being designed for the sportsman in three distinct concepts:

Model 700 Functional Equivalent Concept - The actions in this series will be manufactured in both short and long lengths, designed to accept aftermarket components for the Remington M700 and to fit into M700 stocks. There will be many variations in both left and right hand. Some actions will be exact equivalent of factory units, but manufactured to closer tolerances. Other actions within the design will feature an impressive number of improvements while staying true to the basic concept.

Controlled Round Feed Concept - This is a newly designed action for the big game hunter. It will feature an integral recoil lug, 3-position safety and claw extractor with controlled feeding. Both long and short actions in left and right hand are planned. Most commercially available cartridges will be supported. Round bridge and square bridge models are expected to be manufactured at the very highest standards for smoothness, safety and flawless function.

Compact Design Concept - This compact action is a small ring, small bolt diameter repeater designed specifically for standard, short action cartridges with floorplate, 3-position safety and controlled round feeding.

The concept actions from Phoenix Machine Technologies, LLC will be available for discussion at the 2008 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

GA Precision is using these actions on their custom and tactical rifles with the name 'Templar'.

Public availability will be mid-June with an announced starting price of about $700.00 and running up to approximately $2,000.00 for a heavily customized version.




"Templar" Short and Long actions.

Tang is thicker and then radiused so it still fits a Model 700 style stock.

Camming/unlocking has 20% more engagement.

Lug is double pinned.

Bolt stop has been changed to the GAP/Nesika Style.

Raceway is EDM'ed instead of broached.


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    The $700.00 price is about what the rest of the smaller custom manufacturers are getting for similar actions. The reasoning that is quoted virtually every time is that the basic cost of an M700 with the accurizing and blueprinting added in, the prices are nearly identical. The new actions are supposed to be critically straight, tighter dimensionally and true right from the start.

    The only pictures I could find immediately are of the M700 clones when the ones I'm interest in are the controlled round feed actions. It'll be fun to compare these with the new Winchester actions.

    All-in-all, it's more choices for gunmakers. There's just not any competition for price.

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