Federal, CCI Ammo Prices Going Up April 1st

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Just check my email and my Natchezs's Flier said Federal and CCI Ammo Prices Going Up April 1st Due To Manufacture Price Increase! Just thought I'd pass the word along to give you a bit of time to get some more. I posted this in general too but just in case you don't make it there I put it here as well.


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    Everything is going up in price. Some of it justified and a lot of it is just plain greed. I am keeping an eye on those who are using the old tried and true tactic of kicking them while they are down and will not deal with them in the future. Much of what is happening right now happened in the 1970's also. It's called panic buying. People think there is going to be a shortage and they starting buying and hoarding things, which creates an artificial shortage. Prices start going up because supply is not keeping up with the demand. It like a dog chasing its tail, the more panic, the more shortage, and the more prices go up. It's just a cycle of human nature showing up at odd times.
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    There is an actual shortage of lead, copper and zinc worldwide. The war, China and the expanding world demand has driven prices sky high. Mining requires lots of power. Most of it is diesel supplied. Diesel is over 4 bucks a gallon. We better get used to the prices we are seeing.

    It will only get worse as the One Billion three hundred million Chinese grow in prosperity and want what we have enjoyed; a better life. Oh, let us not forget that India has over one billion humans too. Every body wants a car and cell phone. Wow, do we live in exciting times or what.
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    These prices will be cheap compared to what they will be in a year or two. Nothing will get any cheaper that's for sure![V][:(][xx(] Time to stock pile supplies.
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