Primer Choice.

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I bought a Marlin 1894FG in .41 mag. I do reloads for my 41 mag pistol. Should I be using rifle primers for the loads for the Marlin rifle?


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    I use pistol primers for my reloads in my 1894 44&357 mags. Just load to normal pressures.
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    So what does your loading book say to use for your loads? I load for a S&W 29 and 94 Win AE Trapper. Pistol loads are all Elmer's bullet (429421) and I have a Saeco round nose for the rifle. I have seen rifle data using both pistol and rifle primers. Personally unless your are loading hot I don't see much differance but thats why they have books.
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    Please take note: You CAN NOT put rifle primers in a "pistol case". Lg Rifle primers have a "height" of about .225 inch. Lg Pistol primers have a "height" of about .215 inch. Putting rifle primers in a pistol case causes an excessive "crush" on the priming pellet. Use pistol primers in your pistol cases. (putting pistol primers in a rifle case can result in misfires due to the excessive depth to which they can be seated)
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    When I purchased a 1894 marlin in 44 mag. I went through the same thing. The loads are almost the same except they call for rifle primers in the rifle loads. Of course you can't buy preloaded rounds in 44mag rifle. So pistol loads must be the standard. The only thing is if you look at the rifle loads they only use powders like H110 or 296. Nothing slow like unique or bullseye. So I only shoot my reloads in 296 and are loaded to the very top. This is what is basically recommened in shooting this type of rifle. Does anyone else have different thoughts??
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