which MEC reloader?

I can get either a 5 year old MEC sizmaster 77 or a newer MEC 600 Jr for about the same price. Which one would you get?


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    Just depends on your personal taste...in the past I have owned several different MEC models, including the 650 Grabber, but I currently own three (3) 600 Jr's in 20ga, 12ga and .410. I do not need to reload for volume. I only shoot in occasional bird shoots and an occasional trip to the back yard for just fun shooting and I can load several boxes of ammo in a couple of hours with the Jr's. I just like them and their simplicity. Besides, they do make a fantastic reload.
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    Depending on how used the sizemaster is, it has more advanced features than the 600jr. Parts to rebuild them are easily obtainable. It comes with a tray type automatic primer feed, that the 600 doesn't and has a more advanced collett type resizing feature that completely reconditions the brass to factory specs by sizing the rim thickness and diameter as well as the brass body. The 600 uses a ring type sizer that only sizes the diameter of the brass body. They both turn out great reloads one shell per 6 strokes of the handle. The 600 is a basic loader and the sizemaster is a slight improvement.
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