Brass-Number of times through a semi auto

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Before I ask I know there are TONS of variables that will change the answer. Just wanted a range to give me a general clue as to how many times a piece of brass can go through a garand/m1a. Thus far I've been sticking to 8mm mauser. Most of my brass is military. So how many loadings are you getting out of brass for your garand/m1a? Thanks! [:)]


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    5. More than that I don't trust- don't want it to rip off a rim.

    For bolt guns pretty much forever or until they crack.
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    5 max, then they become dummies or garbage.

    My bullets shipped today, as soon as they come in I'll get photos up of the slugs.

    BTW, make sure you full-length size the cases for semi-auto, neck sizing should be all you need for bolt rifles.


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    I have some LC67 brass that I shot at least 15 times in a Garand with 46gr IMR4895 pushing a 168 MK. I still have and use the brass in a 1903A3!!!
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    Thanks, it appears 5 is the general rule. I'll have to clean some brass and load them up.
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