cracked brass

when shooting my 3006 reloads in my garand a high percentage of the spent cases have a vertical crack in the neck area. anyone know what causes this?


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    So how many times has it been shot? What brass did you start with? Sounds like brittle work hardened brass. Perhaps an anelling treatment is called for. Might try some new brass and see if it still happens
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    Doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason, happens to both commercial and military, some are once fired, some i have reloaded several times
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    Check and see if it is the same brand of brass. It could be some foreign brass that is hard.
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    As brass is worked by resizing or gets old it becomes brittle. Annealing brass is a good idea after it is fired 4 or 5 times. You can get info on annealing brass necks here by doing a search on the subject. Also; the neck size in the chamber may be oversized but it is rare. Sizing the neck to fit the chamber helps a lot. If you put a new bullet into a fired case the bullet should be an easy fit with no resistance but not sloppy either.
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    annealing isn't rocket science either,..it just takes a little practice.
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    quote:Originally posted by JustC
    annealing isn't rocket science either,..it just takes a little practice.

    Yep. I just did a bunch of .243 and 7mm TCU this past weekend. It took me a couple of cases to get the hang of it, but once I got the rhythm down, it was a piece of cake.
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    If you are using ammonia or an ammonia compound to clean your brass or if you are putting an ammonia compound into your cleaning media, this can contribute to embrittlement and cracked cases. However, it seems to me that one such cleaning should not be causing this problem.

    Is it possible that you are greasing your gun's chamber and bore, or leaving a significant amount of oil in the bore and chamber of the gun after cleaning it? Or, perhaps your chamber is a bit shorter than the conventional chamber. All these things can cause increased chamber pressure and damage the brass.

    When you shoot, make sure you've run a fresh, clean patch through the bore and that you've scrubbed the chamber dry.
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    Better have the headspace checked and the throat too. If it is happening with all forms of brass than it aint the brass. Trapper
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