6mm PPC 1:12" Twist

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Looking for a little info on a load for a 1:12" twist, been loading 68G bullets, can't seem to get much better than about .38-.5. It's a Ruger 77MKII Target Grey Model (yeah I know it's a base PPC, wanted to get my feet wet first before making the big jump). Just seeing if there's anyone out there with a 1:12" that they've had some luck with, .262 neck by the way. I've tried H22, and VV 133, Berger, Nosler, Sierra all in 68-70 Match bullets, with CCI BR primers.


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    Viper, check benchrest.com's forums. If anybody can help you about the 6PPC its them.
    By the way I have the same Rifle in .308. It shoots like a house o' fire. It aggs. .625 or less with 5 shots at 200yds. My small 3 shot group at 200 yds is .192. I have a Rem. 40X & a Shilen action switch barrel rifle, all in .308 and for some reason the Ruger VT at 200 yards smokes them both!? [:D]

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    quote:Originally posted by artabr
    Viper, check benchrest.com's forums. If anybody can help you about the 6PPC its them.

    Tried, I've registered, but can't post a thread, but thanks for the response.

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    To get much below what you have now requires reading the wind a lot better than I can. Are you using wind flags? Even the smallest gust at 75 yards will open your group up from a 3 to a 4. I would be tickled pink if what you are getting is consistent. You may also want to try some Barts or other high end competition bullets.

    Is the group round? Is it a flyer causing it to go from a 2 to a 4?
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    Not consistant yet, but more times than not..Believe it or not I have a factory Savage 22-250 (68g Nosler, RE-15) that is giving me better groups consistantly, but in the "always trying to get better mode" I thought I'd dabble into the 6mm PPC world. But that maybe be all I can get out of that rig without getting a custom rifle made. Just thought I'd ask. I do have some Barts coming, 68g Ultra, 68g bench..I'm kinda concerned with some of the load data I've seen with those, quite a bit more powder that what I've seen in manuals, don't want to get blown up dontcha know.
    The groups are clovers. I've fire formed the cases and resized the neck for the loads I've ran so far, so I'm hoping the brass helps after being formed twice now.
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    It sounds like you understand which direction you need to go in. Everybody goes through the hesitation of ordering a custom rifle when they have questions about just how good it can be.

    In your case, a Ruger is not usually even in the running simply because of the design. There is no guarantee that even with some significant work on the entire rifle that you would improve your groups. There are always exceptions, of course. But the recoil lug, the angled action screw and the general lack of attention to the minutia required to achieve the ultimate accuracy of a true target rifle gets you about what you're seeing. I'm with bpost1958, be grateful and move up to the next level.

    Be sure to understand that the loads and bullets are not the only controlling factor when it comes to shooting small groups CONSISTENTLY. A great scope with perfect mounts, mounted perfectly are as necessary as the best bullets. As mentioned, wind flags and the attention to practice to gain the experience in reading the wind is paramount to gain this level of accuracy.

    This level of accuracy depends on the entire system and you the shooter and your ability. Without any one small piece of the puzzle, you can't have the small groups consistently. Working with an experienced shooter can be a big help in getting over some of the bumps in this road.

    Take a look at Bob White's website for pre-owned match rifles in .22 or 6mm PPC. He has a great selection of modestly used and priced rifles that might save you some time, money and aggravation.


    Good Luck!

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