.223 in 5.56x45mm?

The title says it all. Can you use these rounds interchangeably[?]


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    The answer is a qualified yes.
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    There are some very small differences between the 2 chambers- such as throat lead- I'm told as I've never cut one of either- but so far as the ammo goes, no issues.
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    I've been told that the high pressures of the M193/5.56 x45mm (NATO) are too high for the short leade of the .223.

    That said, I've shot 5.56 out of .223's for years before I knew it wasn't supposed to be done. With good accuracy I might add. And,...no high pressure signs. I would assume that my .223 chamber was cut with the modified .223 Wylde chamber? If it says 5.56/.223 on the side of the barrel then it for sure is able to handle both.

    In any case you're not supposed to interchange the two unless you know that your .223 chamber is cut with the longer leade to handle a 5.56.
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