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AA new style hulls

How can you tell the difference between the new and old style AA hulls and do the load using the same recipes? Thanks for the help.


  • goldeneagle76goldeneagle76 Member Posts: 4,359
    edited November -1
    the newer AA's have a smoother shinier plastic than the older ones. As far as I have been told, they load the same. I am using them right now.

    AA hulls
    Win291 primers
    Clays powder
    Downrange pink 1oz wads.
  • dakotashooter2dakotashooter2 Member Posts: 6,186
    edited November -1
    Just what I have heard throught the grapevine: while theoretically they are the "same" hull most reloaders I have heard from don't care for the new hull. It supposedly does not have the case life of the old one and I've heard that wads do not seat as smoothly as the old hull. It seems to be about as popular as the "new Coke" that hit the market many years back.
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