New press

skyfishskyfish Member Posts: 1,068 ✭✭✭✭
Just installed my new press on the bench. Looks good. I bought a new Hornady Progressive press. My 40 sw dies are on back order:(, but it set up pretty easy. I would suggest to take off the ejector spring until after you have it set up. If your like me, you prop it up and set up you press, but then you raise the ram to check somthing and crap, now the spring is a "V". Only problem I had and it was my screw up. I will load 40sw, 9mm , 223 and 308 with this press.


  • OdawgpOdawgp Member Posts: 5,380
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    I just got one myself

    I can't get shell plates #10,#16 to save my *

    Lock stock barrel said they had them in stock so I ordered them and they were out of stock before they filled the order now it is all on backorder for who know how long
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