.41 magnum shotshells

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Are .41 magnum shotshells still available? If so, where can they be found?




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    Been trying to figger out how to do it. Nobody makes the shell capsules and nobody produces loaded ammo.
    Started working with some 30-30 cases, but never got around to finishing.
    I think a 303 savage case would be better suited, but nobody has any to part with.
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    Don't know that there ever where commercialy produced shotshells for this caliber. IF they were they are long gone.

    Best options.

    .41 mag case...3-4 gr of Red Dot...card wad or gas check on top of powder...#9-#12 shot... inverted gas check or thick card wad on top of shot.. roll crimp.

    an alternative to the over powder wad is to use a 410 shot cup. This reduces the shot capacity a bit but still works well. It is a tight fit and provides a good seal. It will have to be trimmed after inserted,a 35 caliber gas check will fit just inside it and can be roll crimped over the shot. I have not tried it yet but cutting the petals off the 410 shot cup would allow for a bit more shot. One could probably also be used for the over shot card.

    I have had pretty good results out to about 20-25 feet with the exception of a slight hole in the middle of the pattern that I suspect is caused by the over shot gc.
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