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New Competition Trigger

nononsensenononsense Member Posts: 10,928 ✭✭✭✭
I thought a few folks would be interested:

The finest 2 stage trigger in the world for high power rifles.

Manufacturers and distributors of the CG Jackson trigger in the U.S.


The CG Universal 2-stage trigger system is adaptable to many different rifle actions including:

* Remington 700 (& Rem 700 "clones")
* RPA Quadlock

The CG Universal trigger uses various upper frames, each corresponding to a specific rifle action. The upper frame contains the final lever(s) of the trigger. A universal main housing is attached to this upper frame. This unique feature ensures similar function, settings and "feel", whatever action the trigger is fitted to.

Unlike the modified direct-pull triggers which are fitted to some "tactical" rifles the CG Universal is a true two-stage trigger, so that the sear engagement reduces and fully recovers with the first-pull movement of the trigger finger.

The CG Universal trigger system is designed by Robert Chombart, who also designed the CG MILLENNIUM and other target rifle actions.
User Adjustments

User adjustments are available for forward travel, final pressure, over-travel (backlash), first and second pull, and re-cocking pressure.

The range of final pull weights in two-stage operation is from approximately 300 gm (10 oz) to over 1,800 gm (63 oz). This adjustment range is suitable for Match Rifle, Target Rifle, Highpower, F-Class and for hunting and professional use.
Other Features

Curved or straight/reversible trigger shoes are available to fit the standard 3.5 mm diameter Anschutz-type trigger finger rail.

All CG Universal triggers can be supplied or retro-fitted with a top-lever safety mechanism which is incorporated in the main housing cover plate.

The trigger sear levers are made of hardened EDM wire-cut tool steel. All other parts within the anodised(sp) aluminium(sp) housing are made of stainless steel.


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