A reloading die I do not like

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Several years ago I purchased the Hornaday TIN coated die set in 9MM. I purchased it to save a few bucks over the carbide sizer. The sales pitch was the coating took the place of the carbide and you could still re-size the brass.

Well, the sales pitch is misleading. You can indeed size without lube; but you better have the arms of a body builder. I am not impressed with the amount of force it takes sizing the 9MM case. My estimate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-60 pounds of handle pressure is required to size them. The next chance I get to obtain a 9MM carbide sizer cheap, I'll jump on it and retire the TIN coated die.


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    Interesting! After your post I took my TIN die and a CH carbide die in 9mm and compared then for apparent force required to size the cases that were fired from the same handgun, all the same headstamp and same load using the same press.
    Although certainly not a scientific test, I really couldn't tell any difference. As I said, verrry interresting!
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    Really? I love mine, that is all I buy now.

    I had one set of carbide dies in 9mm and liked them. I ended up getting a set of the TIN dies in .44 and .380. I have since got them in .357 and .45 too. I like them so much more then then my carbide dies that even replaced my one set of 9mm with them.

    I am thinking you might have a problem of some kind with yours. Mine are all super smooth and I done a combined total of about 5k with mine.
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    Well now; these two posts got me thinking about doing some checking. I will measure the chamber on the 9MM and see if it is too big? the loads are a mix of factory and reloads. The reloads are not all that hot. This evening I will check the gun and post my finding for comparison. My 9MM is a Taurus 92AF with about 5K rounds through it.
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    Hey BPOST are you sure at your age you are not trying to case form 45-70 cases down to 9MM [}:)][:I] All jokes aside I to have never had any problems with TIN coated Dies. BTW if you get a chance to go to Louisville KY March 7-8 let me know and look me up. Great 2000 table Gun show and 1500 table military show and 1500 table Antique firearm show. All at the KY State Fair Grounds.
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