Looking for advice on 1st recipe

Finally got a reloader after all my talking about it, just a MSC 600 JR 12ga, but good enough for me to start with....just loading for clays and skeet right now

What I am looking for is for something close to factory Win AA (pretty silver ones) 2 3/4" 1350 FPS 1 oz and either 7 1/2 or 8 shot.

I have about 500 of the AA hulls once fired, and the guy I bought the reloader from gave me about 350 WAA12SL pink wads. I'm completely open on suggestions on primers and powder ( I was thinking Red Dot, but couldn't find anything that fast).

I was leaning toward either WIN 209 and 18.5 grains of e3 - 1300/10,500psi or Rem 209P w/ Titegroup 18.6gr for 1290-10,400 or 20.0gr for 1345-11,500.

I haven't done much on the pricing end just looking for a good place to start and I was guessing at least 1 of ya'll had a suggestion or 3.

by the way when I get comfortable enough.........I WILL PERFECT THE TRACER ROUND![}:)][:D][}:)][:D]

thanks in advance gents!



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    If loading for trap or skeet try to stay under 1200FPS.

    Standard 1-1/8 oz:
    17.5 grs. 700X or Clays - Winchester 209
    (16.5 grs is a very nice load, plenty of speed w/nice recoil)

    I find Red Dot to be a little dirty, but a good powder.
    The 600 Jr. should do about 4 boxes/hr. I've used mine on all gages since the 1960's, and still running.
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    There is really nothing wrong with loads in the 1080 to 1120 FPS
    range. They are easy on the wallet and easy on the shoulder. They are also a great way to learn all about "lead". (you know, gettin' in front of them) Slowing down the shot is also the easiest and least expensive way to tighten up a shot pattern. Good Hunting!
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    WOW, I finally made a short list and went to Cabella's to pick up primers and powder....... No powder to be had, not just the 3 or 4 I was looking for.......... BUT NONE
    The guy behind the counter was great, even took me back to show me his empty shelves. All he had was 5 cans of STEEL powder, I'd been reading on here how tough it was to find but dang! This was Dallas-Fort Worth Cabellas. Back to the guy behind the counter, he was refreshing in an area that for the most part customer service sux. Had my 7 year old daughter with me, and he gave her a handful of tokens to go upstairs and shoot in the arcade since daddy couldn't get what he wanted.
    Ended up driving out to Alpine the range where I usually shoot and they had some Titegroup, so I guess I am going to try the 18.6 load.

    If anyone in the DFW area knows where to find the Aliant e3 powder please drop me a line, I found one with that powder I realy want to try.

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