Difference between CCI and Federal primers?

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I have a load that was very accurate with Federal primers. I have not been able to find Federal Primers and are now using CCI

Will the fact that I am using a different primer affect the accuracy of my previous load?


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    Yes, no and maybe.

    But when you switch ANY component, you must back down and test it to be sure it doesn't increase pressures.

    If you had tested and documented a 95% test Load, that would be simple to do. If not, it will take more precious components to learn what effect the change will have, if any; you'll have to work up from a reduced load.
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    May or May not I know this is no help to your question BUT There is no way in knowing It may get better or May get worst or May stay the same. You will find that even with the same brand primers when you change LOT# the number on the box you may not get the same groups This is why competitive shooters buy Large amounts of powder with the same lot# large amounts of Primers with the same Lot # and large amounts of bullets with the same lot number.
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    Unless you are near max charges a drop of over 1/2 grain is probably not necessary to rework the load. Some rifles really like some primers over another, some do not. The CCI small rifle mag primer is used a LOT in in Benchrest shooting because it has a harder cup, resisting primer piercing at the elevated pressures ran with a lot of bench guns.
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