Lyman 1200 DPS III

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Thinking on purchasing a Lyman DPSIII electronic scale. IF you have one how accurate are they and how easy are they to use and setup, etc.?


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    I have the DPS III and it works very well I am at current experiencing some technical difficulties. I have had to send my unit in. the customer support at Lyman is very good. I had an issue with my scale I left it on overnight and when I came beck in the morning I couldn't turn it on. being the curious little electronics troubleshooter that I am. I dissasembled the entire scale and found nothing to be wrong or burned I then dissasembled the plug and found that tehdental flossed (28 gauge) common lead heading into the transformer had burned in half. calle dLyman and they promptly replaced it no sweat right. wrong did it again left it on over night and, wait for it...... yup no juice. so now I am waiting for it to come back. it is a nice rig and spits out accurate loads with reliable precision. has nice features, and alot of memory. which honestly I don't use. I keep * records ON PAPER to refer back to. so I know what I am loading when.

    All in all good product could do without the 30 min warm up time. but go get a coffee and a sandwich it goes quick. great customer support and we will see when it gets back. one week and counting
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