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Ok just as predicted, Im looking into reloading. I want to have some opinions on witch reloader to purchase. Are some easier for the beginer? I dont want to spend more money than needed to get started. But i dont want to buy junk either. I would like to start with handgun, and progress to my rifle cartriges.


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    Do a search for that very topic here and in ask the experts. It has popped up a LOT since Mr. Obama became POTUS. There has to be at least 100 threads dealing with it.

    One thing, since you are new to reloading DO NOT start out with a progressive press.
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    thank you, didnt think of that.
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    read several manuals first, it will help your education greatly.
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    Find a friend that does it, have them help set up. Read a lot. Single stage press. Pistol is the easiest to start with. Ask any question you have, trust me I've asked some stupid ones, luckily the internt didn'y exist yet.
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    May I humbly suggest you begin with my article "Reloading 101" at:


    In it, I suggest you buy and read the Lyman Reloading Manual - twice. Ignore the loads half of the book (for now only, it is excellent), but digest the "How to and Why to" first half.

    All reloading equipment made today is good enough to load ammo more accurate than you are, and durable enough to still be doing it for your grandchildren. Some of it is better than that. You can get adequate equipment for about a hundred dollars, or spend a thousand. But your initial loads won't be any different either way. (It's a bit like playing an instrument in that regard - there's a real learning curve.)
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