Okay, here we go. I am shooting a Savage Model 10 FP in .308 (heavy barrel) 1 in 10 twist, 20" long. I am looking for a favorite load using the following components:

.308 BHA Match
.308 Winchester Match

CCI Benchrest Large Rifle

Berger VLD 168 gr
Hornady BTHP Match 168gr


I have all on my bench, ready to go. I am hoping to get a very accurate result---with help from the board.


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    Best results will vary from weapon to weapon.

    BUT Spend the extra time on Brass Preparation it will pay off.

    If it were me:

    Win Brass, CCI Bench Primer, Hornady Pill, on 44.0gr of Varget would be the ideal start. Start MAX OAL to 2.810"

    Move up in 0.4grain increments until ~46.0grains or start of pressure signs( flat primers, or sticky bolt handle)

    If you make 3 of each load you will see a convergence of accuracy that will peak with a load and then groups will start open back up.
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    win match brass
    168gr pill
    44.5gr varget
    210M primer
    .002" NK tension

    WORK UP from several grains less, as usuall
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    Keep in mind that a "recipe" for a handload is a lot like a recipe for food: what tasted good to the cook (his rifle) might not be as palatable to you (YOUR rifle). All recipes need adjusting.
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    When you test the powders do your self a favor and have someone place the test rounds on the table so you do not know what powder is being used for the groups at that time.

    We all hear Varget so much we EXPECT it to perform better. I recently went over some test targets and found the AVERAGE group, largest to smallest, in a 6MM BR Encore barrel was actually better using IMR4895. I had missed the overall picture by expecting Varget to be better....... I was using Varget and missed shooting smaller groups because of the expectation.
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    To the bench I go. See if we can get a range report out by the end of the weekend.
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    You have listed components that I use. I load 168 Hornady CCI BR2 primer in BHA brass with 40.5gr IMR4895
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