load for 7mm-08

ok Iv got everything to load up my 1sr round of 7-08's
what I still have to get is powder so I was wondering what kind to get
Iv got some sierra 140 gr. spritzer boattail
Ill be shooting them in a encore 15" pistol bbl.

so If ya'll could give some insite on a good load to start with

also whats a good price for 1 lb of powder



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    This is what I shoot in my Encore with a 14" barrel. One of my most accurate rounds for this pistol.

    140gr/42.1grs Varget/ 2900fps/ winchester brass and primers. This is not the max. Max is around 44grs but this proved most accurate.

    This loading has put many deer and one 314# black bear down. Oh and almost forgot one grey squirrel. I think at least. All I found was a puff of grey fir. LOL
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    Great hunting cartridge! There is a good selection of hunting bullets to cover most game.

    The powders I use for testing short barrels are:

    V V N-140



    The accuracy loads are running between 2550 and 2600 FPS from my 14" barrel. The 24" barrels are getting 2850 to 2900 FPS but I've never had that pleasure from a short barrel.

    The VihtaVuori powders are the most expensive and the Accurate Arms or Ramshot powders are the least expensive. Try to buy local since the shippers charge a HazMat fee to extort more money from us. Watch for sales also, although I haven't seen a sale recently that saved me that much.

    While the Sierra SPBT is O.K., I've had and seen several core separations when used as a hunting bullet. The boattail is not really a benefit at the velocities and ranges that you'll probably be shooting. Flat base bullets generally tend to show a slight degree of improved accuracy when fired at these velocities. The Speer 130 gr. or the Hornady 139 gr. both work nicely for deer hunting.

    As with all shorter barrels, the muzzle flash and noise can be disturbing so wear eye and ear protection.

    Enjoy the process!

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    thanks for the info guys

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