Setting RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure

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I've put this question to RCBS but they have yet to reply.
I have a Uniflow measure with the micrometer charge tube and am wondering if there is a chart (similar to one that came with my B&M measure so many years ago) that gives approximate settings for various powders and charge weights.
In time I'll be developing my own but it would be nice if I had a reasonable reference rather than starting with my best SWAG.


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    I never have seen a chart for the RCBS. I know that a very light "tweak" will get you 1/10th grain with Bullseye. A heavy handed "tweak" is about 1/2 grain of 2400 and a handful turn is about 5 grains of IMR 4895. [:D]

    But; that also depends of if you are using the large volume or small volume drum. [;)]
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    If nothing else that should be a good place to start, i.e. full turn equivalent with various powders, etc. Don't know which drum I do have. Will have to check.
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    I have just returned to hand loading. My RCBS Uniflow was easy to set up. Turn your tube down tight and the back it off several turns. Throw a charge an weigh it. This should be close enough to give you a pretty good guess for your next throw and weigh.
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    One full turn of the stem on mine = APPROXIMATELY!! three grains.
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    Rob- On mine, I find that the setting on the tube is relatively close to the chosen load in a wide range of powders. In other words, a place to start before getting the exact load down by adjusting. Hope this helps. -Mike
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    Thanks for all the advice folks. Got it well in hand.
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