.204 Ruger Reloading

I'm looking to find someone that will reload my .204 brass with the Barnes varmint Grenade bullets, or similar bullet. If you are interested, let me know and we can talk specifics and about payment at that time.


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    Why do you want to load it with the Barnes Varmint Grenade bullet? They are a piece of... Terrible BC and they don't blow up well past 150 yards. And that assumes you are driving them at 4000fps or better. Stick with lead 32 gr Noslers or Hornady or Sierra. You may have trouble finding someone with all the liability issues associated with reloading
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    Great....I just loaded up 100 rounds to take with me and the kids on a dog shoot next month just as an experiment. Maybe they will work better for me.
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    They don't blow up well past 150yds? Darn, you had better go tell those cats about that, if you can find a piece large enough to talk to.[:D][}:)][:D]

    Good luck finding someone to load for you! I won't reload for anyone! Too much to risk!
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    Loading ammunition for profit requires a license from the BATFE. Conducting this type of business on a public forums is probably not a good idea.

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