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berdan primers

Good news for those of us who fool around with European cartridges. Berdan primers for reloading have always been hard to find at reasonable prices. If you're loading someing weird like the rimmed 6.5 Mannlicher numbers they're a real necessity. Grafs in Mexico, Mo is stocking PMC Berdan primers in large rifle size (.217). Price is not too much higher than Boxer primers. Best of all they are non-corrosive. Pulled some loads in some bad primer 8x57 stuff I had on hand and tried them out in my G43. (you don't want to use good boxer primed cases in this gun as it is quite hard on cases) Shot great and what a luxury not to have to detail strip and boil out the gas system. Now to reload some of that beautiful Berdan primed swiss and Swedish brass! Besides the RCBS depriming tool is fun to play with.


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