reloading the 12.7x44mm Swedish

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I have put together all the things I need to start fireforming the brass for the 12.7 Swedish Rolling Block. However I can't find a web page that has the specifications for the cartridge in English/American. I know all the needed numbers but I sure would like a line drawing. Any help would be appreciated



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    I found photo and dimentions for the 12.16 x 44R Remington and a photo (only) of the 12.7x44R Hagen
    This referance shows the Rem to be a rimmed straight wall, and while it shows the Hagen to be a bottleneck, the photo sure looks like a straight case to me.
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    Yup, the case is a tapering straight wall. I am concered about the dementions of the rim. every thing I can find recomends making the case from a 348 winchester but the rim seems a bit small to me.

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    The rim serves 2 purposes, one is to keep the cartridge from moving forward in the chamber (headspace) and the other is to provide the extractor something to grab. As long as the 348 rim is large enough to acomplish both of those tasks, than no worries.
    The dimention I'd be concerned with is the base diameter (just ahead of the rim), that's where you want a minimum clearance (everything forward of that will form during the first firing)
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    while I cann't help with case dimensions, I'll suggest starting with either .50/70 or .50/110 brass, both are more available and require less 'working'.
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