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Any one here reload for this. If so I was wondering what bullets you use. I believe the original bullet has a diameter of .268. I've seen some Hornady bullets that are marked 6.5 Carcano .268 diameter. I've seen ammo for this loaded with 120 gr. SP. Are these people using .264 diameter bullets and if so how does this affect accuracy with a slightly smaller bullet diameter. Thanks in advance.


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    Good question.

    The Italian military bullet measures about .266"

    Why Hornady went with .268 is beyond me. In some guns this will quickly show high pressure signs.

    .264 will work but usually accuracy is ho-hum.

    To use the .268 you will usually need to order a new expander. Lee makes one for their die set and you can swap based on which diameter bullet you want.

    Really slugging your bore is the best option. If your grooves measure .268 or larger you're good to go. Otherwise you CAN use the larger bullet, but beware you have to keep loads quite modest as the bullet has to swage down when fired.

    Hornady has special data for these. Contacting them is your best bet as the loads for the standard .264s are not always safe.

    That said I've had good luck with .268s in several guns.
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    Thanks for the reply. There seems to be quite a few of these floating around. I was wondering if any one out there is actually shooting them.
    Hornady makes a factory loading but that's it other than surplus. I haven't decided if I will reload for this or not. Not quite sure how much I'll shoot it but I'd like to try. Thanks again.
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    A couple of years ago Hornady and Graf and Sons joined forces to supply components and reloading dies for the Carcano. The actual diameter of the 160 gr. bullet is .268 but todays modern 6.5's are .264. Honrady reloading dies are the only ones out there with the correct expander ball for the .268 bullet. For many years Norma manufactured Carcano ammo but it was .264 and did not shoot well.

    I have been loading 36 grs of H414 behind the 160 gr. Hornady bullet with a magnum large rifle primer with great success.
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