Accurate enough??

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Am I barking at the moon trying to get a group from a 44 mag, 12" Encore barrel with a Burris 2-1/2X7 scope under 2" at 100 yards?

I have shot lots of groups with it, many are nice round circles with five shots, but always about 2-2-1/2 inches. The loads are HOT, VERY HOT hunting loads with 240 JHP's and 240 Keith Style cast bullets using 2400 powder.

The 215 cast gas checked bullets are closer to 3-4 inches at 100 yards with full power loads. I've tried lower powered loads with different bullets and powders, with disappointing results. The only load that comes close is the 215 cast GC bullet with 6.2 grains of tite-group. It is way underpowered for hunting purposes.

Would you be happy with 2" at 100 yards with a 44 Mag?


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    Hello what kind of LUBE are you using ? This will sound strange but with Higher velocity loads I use a LUBE made by castrol for glass shops it is SOFT but dont let that throw you this is good stuff it is Called Castrol Industrial STICK WAX lubricant. comes in a 15 OZ tube like a grease gun size you can use according to label for threading,cutting sawing,tapping, spinning,grinding , sanding, drilling . sold by Castrol industrial inc. 651-w. Washington Blvd. Chicago. ILL 60606. This is GOOD stuff. Cheers Perry Shooter.
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    Hell Yes! I think we're never happy unless we can can get that magic 1 inch. Try it at 150, might surprise you and stay about the same. 3-4inches- no- ever tried 296 110 dave [:)]
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    ummm, from a pistol,..hell yes.
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    I'd try some H-110. I had better groups with it in max loads for my DW 8" and Redhawk 71/2" than my old M-29-2400 load.
    2" might be the best you can get though.
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    Quit crying in your beer. This is a hunting load. A 2" group at 100 yards extrapolates to an 8" group at 400 yards and I seriously doubt you would try to shoot a deer at 400 yards with a handgun. For the uninformed, an 8" circle covers the kill zone on the chest of a deer.

    Hell yes I would be happy!
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    It has been years since I shot H-110 or WW-296. I did not like the blast from it. Maybe I should try it just to see how it compares to the loads using 2400.

    Perryshooter; I will get some of that lube for my hot cast bullet loads. I use 50-50 Alox Beeswax now. Leading is not an issue.
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    "Would you be happy with 2" at 100 yards with a 44 Mag?"........that is MORE than you need, why sweat the small stuff. you ain't shooting gophers.
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    I agree that your groups are adequate for hunting. However, I also believe that it is likely possible to shrink them a little. I get happy with 1 1/2" groups from my FA revolvers at that distance. The TC should do as good or better. Try reducing your powder a little. I have found that my 44s shoot better (or I shoot better) when I am not pushing the max on velocity.
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    How would you like to try some 310gr cast GC slugs in your 44 mag?
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    Try something with less recoil. I use a 200 grain jacketed hollow point and 4227 powder in a 10inch contender with a red dot sight. It's great for long shots on deer, and makes a dandy wound.
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    Heck, I'm happy to shoot a 4" group with my muzzleloader for deer hunting.

    You saw the muzzleloader when I was down there a few years ago- 2 band .58 Enfield. And no, still haven't gotten a deer. [:D]

    One of the guys at my range has a similar set up to what you have, and he just shot a 300 yard match with it. I am not sure on his barrel length though. He had about a 4" group off a rest with scope at 300 yards. So that's a little better than what you're getting but doesn't extrapolate to 1" either. I don't know what powder he was using though.
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    Hi Jonk,
    I am still just sticking arrows through them until gun season, I got one very fat doe a coupe of weeks ago. [:D]

    I tried some hot charges of Lil-Gun in the 44 Mag on Sunday. It seems promising for accuracy. I am going to try treating the round like a rifle cartridge, adjusting seating depth to possibly touch the lands.

    I'll get the black powder out and burn some up seeking the right combo for gun season. Come on back down for a hunt anytime.
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