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I just read the previous post about over all length. I checked my .44 mag barrel (14" contender) with the bullet in the case method. I came up with a measurement of 1.78. I guess that is where the bullet meets the lands. The manual calls for a overall length of 1.61. Could someone explain to meet what this is about? What should the oal of my loads be?


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    Go by the book on revolver cartridge oal.Crimping in the cannuleur Do not-- try this with any powder like 296 or h110 that requires a firm crimp I think this is a big problem waiting to happen. In fact I don't think anyone would recommend doing this with any powder at all.Repeat DO NOT TRY Best Dave
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    Go by the book for revolver loads. They set OAL to the canalure.
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    ok,thanks. I will stick to oal in the manuals. I have been having trouble with consistency. I get some good shots and then some fliers. I will take a look at the bullets. It has been suggested that I weigh them and see if there is some deviation in the weights.
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