Do They Work/Do I need One - Stuck Case Remover

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Was looking and see that RCBS has a Stuck Case Remover for about 20 bucks. How often does a stuck case occur, do they work, and should I get one just in case? Thanks Guys, Mark


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    I have found this very usefull for 308 reloading, use it about once a year. Although you can jury rig something, for the price it's easier to buy it. When I 1st started reloading I ruined a die attempting to extract a case without the removal tool.
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    There are 2 kinds of reloaders Those that have HAD a case stuck in a Die and those that WILL have a case stuck in a die.
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    They are cheep

    They work

    You WILL need one at some point

    Get one so you are not out of service for a week when you do get one stuck
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    I made a stuck case remover. I checked out the pics of an RCBS stuck case remover then went to lowes and bought a drill bit+ tap combo. I put a small socket to use as a spacer, then put a 1/4in bolt thru it and screwed it into the brass that I had drilled out and threaded and it pulled it right out. one tip is to use a drill press if you have one, because your neck sizer and primer punch is still going to be in the brass, and you can easily drill into it and ruin it with a hand drill.
    Keep in mind, you won't get a stuck case out with out drilling and tapping.
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    The night before the deer season, when you realize you have no ammo loaded, the stores are closed and you just jammed a case -unlubed- into your sizer die. THAT is the moment you wish you had bought a stuck case remover.

    The short answer is yup and yup. They work. They're worth it.
    I may be a bit crazy - but I didn't drive myself.
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    cheap insurance
    used mine on 50 AE when I got nickle cases stuck several times
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    Thank you guys for the quick and detailed responses. I will buy one this weekend on GB. For $ 27.00 including S&H I will have one before I start reloading next weekend. Great advice and very much appreciated. Mark
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    If you use mil brass, especially 223, you better get one. Mil brass is softer. I have had my share of stuck cases. I use the one by RCBS.
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    They work great! And like someone has already said, better to not need one and have it than need one and not! Buy it.
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    If you use Lee dies you can knock out stuck cases with the decap rod. Doing that often will peen the end of the rod unless you're really careful. I've had more trouble with small case heads (9mm &223) than 308 but I removed a case for another guy who must have stood on the press handle. Toughest one I ever had and the stuck case remover didn't. I had to tap the case head again for a bigger bolt and drive it out with a punch.
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    Put it this way. You WILL stick a case. Whether the case remover works is another matter. Generally yes but on one or two real bears I've just mangled the case even more.

    Good investment but not foolproof.

    As said, Lee dies feature a decapper rod strong enough to pound the case out if you are careful.
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    Years ago, I had two 5 gallon buckets of LC 7.62 brass that had been run through an M-60. After getting several cases stuck, I started to size each one using two strokes, one about half way down the case and the second to finish it. Worked well for me and I also removed the decapping/neck sizing pin and deprimed the sized cases in a seperate step....made it much easier to stick a 1/4 steel rod down the die to remove any stuck cases.
    Kinda got in the habit of using two strokes on all my resizing of rifle brass and especially any 'salvaged' military.
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    Do they work? Yes...I stuck the very first .243 case I tried to resize[:(!].
    Do you need one? Sooner or later[:0]
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