.358 + WSM ???

Just got done watching Boar Wars..

One large pig took 13 rounds and put down 3
good hunting dogs.

My thoughts are big heavy fat bullets and big heavy fat cases
in my AR10.....

Just wondering if this would work


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    Them guys should learn to shoot better...
    It really don't take a lot to kill a hog...
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    There is a guy on falfiles.com that has built a .358 FAL - works good. Same case, etc. as 7.62x51/308, I think he used a Remington 700 barrel, pretty much everything else is stock FAL - he used it on a bear hunt, worked good.

    If 20 rounds of .358 don't stop something, I'm not sure what would...
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    Almost any cartridge loaded with a properly constructed bullet will work to kill hogs. You just have to shoot them in the right spot, which these other fellows seemingly didn't know...

    I'm finishing two rifles in the cartridge in question right now and they'll be used on an elk hunt shortly. There are a couple of companies that will chamber AR10's for the WSM parent case. However, I might suggest the following:

    .450 Bushmaster

    This is the .284 Win. case shortened slightly and loaded by Hornady but you can get a reamer made and load it yourself also. Hornady's website has a brochure telling you all about the ballistics.

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    Armalite (I believe) makes a .338 Federal Ar-10. I bet that'll work just as well as a .358 and it's already a proven combo.
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    Sorry I guess I should have pointed out,,, I have an AR10 it has limited casings it can feed. I get an upper to feed 300WSM and 325WSM I want more so 358WSM sounds good.

    Sounds like some one never went hunting boar every one I know thats done it says these beast don't lay down like white tail so as far as that aiming comment yes bear have been taken by a 22lr I have heard,,, would you show me yourself????
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    "Just wondering if this would work"

    Of course it will work. It's been working for the last several years ever since the .300 WSM was announced and every wildcatter in the world started necking it up and down in order to achieve fame by getting a new cartridge out to the public. The only drawback was that no one company wanted to pick up another .35 caliber cartridge due to a lack of popular support from the general public. The .35 Whelen is popular but not astoundingly so and the .350 Rem. Mag. is still hanging on by a thread. The .358 Norma Mag. is all but non-existent here in the U.S. and the .358 Win. is dead or nearly dead also.

    I was fortunate enough to have worked with one of the most prominent .35 caliber wildcatters ever so I have had more than enough experience to get this round into final form and chambered in rifles. As I stated above, I am completing two rifles chambered for this cartridge which will be used on a private elk hunt. It's more than sufficient for elk, boar (hogs), bear or any other animal in North America when loaded with the proper bullet and the placing of it according.

    The ballistics of the .358 WSM allow for about 200 ft./lbs. more energy at the muzzle than the .338 WSM wildcat when both are loaded with heavier bullets and higher pressures. I've tested the Barnes 225 gr. TSX bullets, Swift 250 gr. A-Frames and the Swift 280 gr. A-Frames.

    "Sounds like some one never went hunting boar every one I know thats done it says these beast don't lay down like white tail..."

    I've been on 17 wild hog or boar depredation hunts in the last few years with 83 autopsies of boars. I had to go back and check my notes to be sure... All except two were one-shot kills. Since I am an itinerant wildcatter, the range of cartridge ran from the .220 Swift Improved to the .510 Wells Express and a couple of dozen in between. We don't use dogs so none were ever in danger.

    The .358 WSM is a viable cartridge for your AR10 platform and will definitely work for boar hunting. You might have to have the feed ramps adjusted slightly.

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    [:)]Well I found a builder who has some thing Bigger badder

    ASI Upper Receiver 450 MARLIN 21"L x .936" Dia., for Armalite AR10 lowers

    1.Standard rifle length fiberglass free float tube with no visible gas block
    2.ASI 360 Degree Maxi Brake (sure make's it a smooth shooter)
    3.1-MOA accuracy guarantee @ 100 Yards 3 shot group with selected factory ammo


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