270 win 110gr TSX

Check out my current loads.

I'm letting the barrel cool between shots, the barrel is free floated,and is bedded.The rifle will shoot 130gr winchester factory loads under 3/4" groups.
The loads are for my 270 win Marlin XL7. I chose 110gr. TSX bullets for the deer around here, we have blacktail deer in my area and they don't get that big. Also want I to mention in the area I hunt we have to use lead free bullets for the cute Condors.

So far I settled on 57grs. of Reloader 17, as it porduce the best accuracy. See targets below and let me know what you think. It seems to me that the bullet likes to be closer to the lands. I spoke to Ty at Barnes and he recommend to start .050" off the lands.

.050" off lands

.030 & .040"

.060" / 2 bullets through one hole



I think my next batch of loads will be .015", .020" & .025" off the lands as the .030" is good enough for hunting, But I need to back up the .030" to make sure. Just being picky. Any suggestions?


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    Looks like you off to a good start, and shooting ok groups but its why you started loading is to better than factory stuff and I have put a lot of work into my 325 wsm shooting small holes with the tsx and have found that my rifle likes .01 and .015 off the lands and h4350 loaded hot but my 3006 likes .03 and a mid load of h4895 so what you should do is find the sweet spot for your rifle for this powder bullet combo. then work up with another powder and i think you might look at some h4350 next, as i think it might do you some good, anyway this year with the 325 I shot a 5x4 mule deer at 300+ yards down hill with a cross wind held over a little to the right and got nothig but heart,it has been a long road to find what i was wanting, lotts of powder and primers but have loved every shot[:D]
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    New range update photos. I'm finally found my load for next year or pigs. Just wanted to share the results.

    100 yards target.

    .030" off the lands. Group .492" from center to center

    .033" off the lands.Group .585" from center to center

    off the lands. two bullets thru one hole.
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    What rifle are you shooting in the .325 WSM if I may ask?


    I would say, as reddog did, that you are off to a great start reloading. That is, if you haven't been doing this already for a while. Also, good to see you can get that Marlin XL7 to shoot that well. I saw a couple at this years deer rifle sight in and I'm suspect of how well the two shooters could do, so didn't get great accuracy reports of the rifle. We were also dealing with 10-17 mph winds from 90 deg. left switching all the way around to r/rear quartering. I saw both rifles at the 200 yd. line and didn't get a whole lot of interaction with the shooters. Both went away satisfied they could shoot at 200, though. But, it would have been interesting to see if we could wring out all the accuracy we could from these.
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    looks like that will work,that will kill just about any critter,happy hunting and loading
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