What competitions can I compete in?

Ok, I'm very confused about all of the different types of competitions out there. I am a rifle shooter and I would like to shoot in competition but I'm not sure where to start. I would like to shoot in a rifle class where I can shoot as-issued military rifles. I especially like to shoot older bolt actions and I have an Enfield No.4 mk2 I would like to shoot. I also have a Swedish Mauser, a Garand, an M1A, a couple of Swiss K31s, and I'm building a like issued AR-15. I prefer to shoot with iron sights and I like the idea of some of the vintage rifle competition matches but I don't know if the CMP or the NRA has any matches where you could be competitive with an as issued Enfield or Mauser etc. I am about to move up to Ft Rucker in Alabama and would like to shoot in the area. I also want to shoot in some form of competition that is sanctioned at a national level so that if I get good at it I could have to ability to advance to bigger matches. Any info on all the matches and what kind of equipment is eligible for them would be very appreciated.


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