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What's the deal with the scope set so far back in the top pick of your signature???...and the front rings on the bell? It appears as if you'd have absolutely no eye relief...not only that, but the rifle must be pointed up at the sky when looking through the scope at something.


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    That particular rifle has a long length of pull which is not obvious in that photograph. I think it's nearly 15" if I'm recall this correctly from memory. It's also a big game rifle, .458 Win. Mag., again from memory.

    The scope is an Leupold M8 which you also can't tell from that little photograph. These scopes have a non-critical eye relief which is why they get used for this type of rifle.

    The rings are a slightly newer version of an older German design. This set was made by EAW, IIRC yet again. The rear ring is a claw mount but positioned on the bolt side of the action (offset). The front ring is positioned in a dovetail cut through the front ring of the action. The optical center of the scope is dead level and true to the bore line. From memory again, it is sighted in to be centered at 50 yards.

    This type of set up is not easy to plan or execute so I can pretty much guarantee you that it's right on the money.

  • n/an/a Member Posts: 168,427
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