Mec 600 Jr Questions

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Bought a pre-82 in 20ga with most of the 410 parts needed for conversion. It came with an unmarked bar that takes a different style bushing than those sold today. Some busings are alum. & others brass and steel. Looks like a powder and shot bushing is needed.

Would it be worth my while to figure out what I have in the way of bushings and the bar? Or, do the 302 bars work in these old presses?

Does the final crimp have a wiggle in it? That is, the whole die wiggles a bit. If not, how do I tighten it up?

Does anyone have some old reasonably priced parts? I need a set of grommets, a 410 sizer ring, a primer pad, and a 410 wad fingers. If would prefer to trade, I have an outer body and 12ga sizer ring for the deprime station and 4 of the 410 wad fingers for some later model. These have a dovetail on the back side.




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    The mec 600 you have sounds like it has a Texan bar in it which should work just fine but for the fact that you apparently don.t have bushings for it. Normal Texan powder bushing is .810 dia and shot bushing is .870 dia. both are 1.0 in tall. They are available on that other place occasionally by assorted sellers. The regular mec 302 bars should fit also and work perfectly. If you have access to a lathe you could buy Hornady/Pacific/rcbs bushings and turn them down in diameter to work also. Just depends on how much work you want to make outa it but you can surely get it runnin if you want.
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    The 302 bar is the "proper" bar for the machine. Not sure what you mean by "wiggle"? There is a little movement in the start and final crimp stage, so this is normal. Not sure what "grommets" you need, but you can use the standard primer cup, .410 is not special in any way.

    All the parts on the new machines will fit the old machines I believe. Mine is 1964 and I have used parts from newer and older machines.

    Place a picture of what you have for the .410 and we can tell you what you need or how to build or shim the parts so they will work.
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