My first "match" is coming up

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Our range is having a "prairie dog Match" the 1st weekend of may. I'm signing up. Will be my 1st. 35 shots at 300 yards at P-dog silhouettes and the same at 600 yards(That will be tough for me). 30 minutes time.

30 cal maximum, no magnums(whatever that means). Some non-magnums have more powder than mags and.. But no matter, I'll be using my 204 Ruger. That 600 yard stuff may be dicey, I hope its calm. I guess I could bring my AR and 68gr HPBT if need be. It will be fun no matter.


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    Sounds like a blast...
    See if you can bring someone with you to help spot your shots.
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    No matter what you shoot it will be FUN and a learning experience for you. Every round sent down range during a match is a teaching moment.

    Enjoy yourself and keep us posted on how you did.
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