Anyone remember ..................

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Speer shot capsules , when they were yellow and the base wads were red ?
Just got a box of 38 cal & a box of 44 cal.
38 cal = yellow capsules & red base wads
44 cal = yellow capsules and yellow base wads

I have been making snake shot for a long time and I always remember the capsules a clear blue and the base wads white .

Just wondering , I'm sure they will work the same .


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    I just checked my last box of Speer 38/357 shot capsules. Mine are yellow with a red base plug. There are loading instructions with data listed on the bottom of the box. I also have a partial box of the blue capsules with the off white colored base. I believe the yellow capsules are the older of the two. Many years ago I loaded a close range defense load for my wife consisting of four #4 buckshot pellets with #9 birdshot filler for her Chief's Special. Hope this helps. Eddie
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