2009 Remington 700 VTR

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Does anyone know what improvements were made if any to the 2009 over 2008 VTR? I'm mainly wondering about stock issues, as that seemed the biggest issue on all the reviews and forums.I just bought it in .308 and I will mainly be using this rifle for hunting coyotes and deer, maybe some elk.


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    None that I know of specifically. Remington may have done a little fine tuning but nothing of any real significance.

    The stock is still your basic injected molded piece of garbage that is so popular with the mainstream manufacturers. High technology used to create the lowest level of Acceptable performance. The forearm is too flexible for me but I will point out that even with the flaws and choice of materials, the rifle still shoots with better than acceptable accuracy.

    If after shooting it, you find that you want some improvement in the stock, go shopping for a new one. Do NOT attempt to try the various fixes which have been suggested over the internet. They are a waste of time and effort. Buy a good quality stock, bed it stress-free with a good epoxy-type bedding compound and go shoot.

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