Question about 45 ACP data

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Does 6.3 gr's of Unique under a 200 gr Lead R.N. bullet sound "Hot " to you fella's for the 45 ACP ( CCI 300 primer )

My Hornady manual states that 6.9 gr's is max ( for Unique powder )
but another manual states that 5.5gr's is max for that bullet ???

My other manuals are Nosler & Sierra , neither make or publish lead bullet data .

Thanks for any and all info on this .

Also Hornady man. is from the mid to late 80's
and ammo is for a 1911 and a S&W mod. 4506


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    I've got lots of books, the one with some of the hottest loads is an old Pacific book, printed in 1970. This book list 7.2gr Unique as thier max load for a 200gr cast bullet, I'm thinking your 6.3 is pretty safe. Load a magazine full and see how they run in your gun, use new or once fired case's, look at them for signs of presure after you shoot them. Always error on the side of caution. I think you'll be fine with your Unique load. I've loaded Bullseye for so many years that I'm not as much help here as I should be.
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    Thanks a bunch Captain,

    I did a search of past threads , but only found one fella who was using win 231 for the ACP 200 gr RNFP bullet

    I loaded two clips worth , I'll try em out this afternoon .

    Meanwhile, any other info will help .
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    I've shot many thousands of 45 with a 230 lead bullet and 6.0 of Unique. Your load with the 200 gr. lead bullet will be fine.
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    I've used that same load with jacketed bullets and not had any signs of it being a hot load.

    Conversely, I found that while working up through the low-mid 5's that the slide didn't lock back all the time when the magazine was empty.

    I wouldn't worry about using 6.3 gr. behind a 200 gr. bullet.
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    Fired two clips worth and they fire and funtion just dandy .
    Loaded a box of 50 , they shoot fine out of the Smith 4506 .

    Never shot or loaded lead bullets for the ACP before , but for the price , I'll be loading more of em .

    Thanks for the info fellas .

    I'm loading 200 gr RNFP and S W Cutters .
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