257 Roberts in shory action

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Remington's 257R in their SS fluted is in short action. Does this pose much of a limitation. I know Ruger's 257R is in a long action. I would consider this round borderline in short, any other ideas?

Anyone familiare with this rifle(the Remmy), is the mag short or does it tend to have a long throat? Thanks


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    Yes, typical Remington hard-headedness. They do the same thing to the 7x57.

    The throats are usually only just a little longer than the magazine length.

    If you take the long for caliber bullets in 7mm, 6.5mm and .257" you'll see they have to be seated deep to work in a Remington 700 Short action.

    They finally grew a couple brain cells when they chambered the 2004 Classic in 8x57 in a long action.

    But, for some unknown reason they think people like to feed shells in at an angle to get them to fit their short action. 6mm Rem, .257R, .260 Rem, 6.5x55, 7x57, .308. I don't get it, but apparently Remington is smarter than everyone else.
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