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I love shooting sporting clays with a 410. I shoot a Browning 525 citori with 28" barrels & invector imp cyl, & mod chokes. Had more than one person tell me to get briley choke tubes for it. Saying that it would help. No one has ever explained in what way it would help. Just what exactly would different choke tubes do differently than what I already have?


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    Little to any difference.

    Briley is a name brand just like Carlson. Great product, and extended might make your pattern a little better (never found this to be true). But a Briley MOD vs. a Carlson MOD isn't going to get you more hits.

    Wish it did since I use Briley.

    One advantage of extended is they are easy to change out. And Briley makes numerous constrictions and metals.

    Best of luck

    Addition: Different choke constrictions changes the pattern for different distances. Therefore you may need to use a different choke (mod vs. Imp cyl, or skeet vs. Imp Cyl) for the course you are shooting. But that's a new discussion, and you are asking about "brands".
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    This is what I thought. When people give me advice with no explaination make me wonder if the advice is sound. Was going to the NRA Conv. ic Charlotte nex month & thought I would check into it a little further. Thanks for the responce.
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    It should be noted that there can be some variation in constriction from maker to maker or tube to tube. A modified tube for steel or some of the other non toxics may have a different constriction than a modified choke for lead. This may be where those giving out such advice are seeing the difference.
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