30-30 135gr LRNFP - Load data needed

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Howdy all!

Does anyone know a good reloading manual that has load data for cast lead 135gr bullets for the 30-30 Winchester? I live in KCMO and have ready access to these: http://www.missouribullet.com/details.php?prodId=105&category=6&secondary=&keywords=

I've used several of their products for my .38, .357 and .45ACP loads and all have worked out REALLY well, so I'm anxious to try these out for my Mod 94 rifle.

The books I have some data, but nothing for 135gr bullets, and NO load data for cast lead in the 30-30. Got any good resources?


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    That's kind of an odd weight. However, any data for a 150-gr cast bullet ought to be safe. I like 7.0 of 70oX, Red Dot (or any fast pistol powder from Bullseye through Green Dot) for about 1200 fps with a 150-gr bullet. You should get a wee bit more. The Lyman manuals have data for cast bullets of many weights; interpolate with due caution and you'll be fine.
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    Try these loads, lead is easier to push out of a barrel.
    So you should be fine, just watch for leading and pressure signs.
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