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Berger reloading info help.......

Does anyone here have Berger loading info using US 869 with the 210 VLD............ 300 ultra is the caliber, Would like to know the starting load and max load.......thanks in advance. Went and tested 102,102.5,102.7,102.8,103 today and the only one that performed was the 103........ .712 3 shot group. But I had a nice round edged primer still, (Not the flattened ones I was getting with 90.5 grains RE 22, which is max for that stuff)

I am second guessing myself on where Im at in Pressure. Us 869 reads at alot lower pressure than any of the other loads ive seen but have not seen the Berger Data.........Does any one here have Berger Data for the 210 Hunting VLD using US 869 powder, again thanks in advance


  • nononsensenononsense Member Posts: 10,932 ✭✭✭✭
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    I think US869 is a tad slow for your application but I really like your choice of bullets!

    I have found that Retumbo and Re-25 give me the best results with this cartridge.

    I realize that this will be no help on a Saturday or Sunday but you should contact the Berger Bullets Technical Support folks to help you through this development. There are a terrific group of folks and will assist with this problem. Just use the Technical Support number not the top two people. The TS group will refer you if they think it's necessary.

    Technical Support

    Walt Berger
    Founder & Chief
    Technical and Load Data
    [email protected]

    Bryan Litz
    [email protected]

    Technical Support

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    Thanks Ill call em[:)]
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