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44 mag with 2400 and 225 FTX, powder amt?

I have an encore with a 12" barrel and a Ruger carbine semi-auto with a 18.5" barrel. Yesterday I went to Cabelas and bought some Alliant 2400 and abox of 225 Hornady FTXs hoping to find a load that would work in both guns. Hornady suggests in their "field Notes" to trim the case back to 1.265" to adjust for the longer ogive, a max COL of 1.645, and a powder range for 2400 of 13.4 to 14.8. Here is where get confused... Alliant Powder lists a charge weight of 21.4 grains with a 225 grain Speer JHP at 1434 FPS. I loaded 20 rounds with 14.2 grains yesterday before seeing Alliant data. What data is correct? Is it safe to shoot with 14.2 grains? Do I need to pull bullets and start over? Does anyone else have experience with reloading FTXs?


  • dcs shootersdcs shooters Member Posts: 10,969
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    A good starting load for that bullet is 18.5grs. of 2400.
    20.5grs. will give you about 1500fps. from the pistol.
    I always loaded 21grs. of 2400 with a 240gr. It is a hot load from Elmer Keith, his favorite.
  • gunslinger720gunslinger720 Member Posts: 8 ✭✭
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    I've had my best luck with accuracy using 19.0 grains of 2400. In my 5" Barreled S&W 629 the accuracy is supurb and the Recoil is very handable. start with that then go up a few tenths of a grain until you get what you want but I bet you'll go back even every once in a while when you want a nice pleasant day without all the recoil
  • yukon100jackyukon100jack Member Posts: 51 ✭✭
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    I have a few rounds loaded with 21.4. If they are accurate in both guns I will use them for hunting whitetails. Afterthat I will tryy a few lighter loads for practice. I will shrony them this weekend and get back with the results.
  • excavmanexcavman Member Posts: 39 ✭✭
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    A load of 14 gr of 2400 with a 225 jacketed bulletis safe enough in the magnum considering that the max load for the 44 spl is only 13gr.
    I'd start at 18 and work up till the action functions ok on the carbine.

  • yukon100jackyukon100jack Member Posts: 51 ✭✭
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    Thanks for the info guys! Here is what I have done so far... Factory Hornady 225gr FTX ammo averaged 1680 FPS ot of the 18 1/2 inch Ruger carbine and 1600 out of the 12" encore. I worked with the carbine and hope to find a good load for it before going to the encore. I trimmed the brass to 1.260 as Hornady suggested and went with 20.2 grains of AA2400. Average velocity was about 1760 FPS and produced groups of 4-5 inches at 100 yards. My scope is an older Redfield variable 1 3/4 - 5X. With higher magnification and clarity I am sure the groups would improve. The trigger pull is also very heavy. I also tried the same load in standard length brass and the groups were about 6". So... I will vary the powder amount incrementally less and use the shorter brass in hopes of improving accuracy. Any other suggestions regarding accuracy improvement?
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