You don't know the fun you are missing

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If you have never tried shooting outdoor NRA pistol Bullseye, go try it. All you really need is a decent 22 pistol and a 45 with adjustable sights, using SWC bullets and even that is optional.

The course of fire helps you gain skill fast. Shooting 90 rounds of 22 in the morning then 180 rounds of 45 in the afternoon teaches you trigger control and mental toughness, shooting is a mind game, and great mental exercise.

Many of you live near some great clubs that have covered ranges and the turning targets used for 25 yard timed and rapid fire. Go there and get involved, everybody will help you get started.

Go try shooting in a match, you will not be disappointed, I drove over 800 miles round trip to shoot in Richmond VA with PERRY SHOOTER Saturday. It was well worth every penny spent and hours consumed getting ammo, equipment ready and driving.

Life is too short to miss any matches!


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    You are one dedicated SOB!![:D]
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    For too many years I let other "things" get in the way of competitive shooting. Never again, there are a lot of targets being printed that require my putting holes in them.

    Hopefully in the ten ring!

    Next Match Aug.22 in Canton Ohio.....
    90 rounds of 22
    90 rounds of center-fire (most shoot 45)
    90 rounds of 45.

    It will be a wonderful day poking holes in paper!
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