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Range report GSG 22 UPDATE

Hello Just thought I would give a range report on my new German Sport Guns 1911 Look alike. There are at least 2 fairly Cheap 1911 Look alike 22Rim Fire pistols Currently on the market. The GSG and another one that Starts with the Letter C as it happened I run a N.R.A.Bulls-Eye match each week and I took delivery of a GSG this week one of the other shooters took delivery of one of the other brand. I was impressed at the over-all quality of the GSG compared with the other brand. Both have a Alloy frame [:(]instead of steel .But that is where the similarity ends IMHO the GSG is much better it looks and feels more like a 1911 Albeit with Bevertail grip safety and Commander type hammer spur. The operation is very near it's 1911 45acp look-alike. I did not shoot on a Ransome rest but I did shoot out of my hand Function was 100% with a number of different brads and types of ammo I do think it would work for at least a shooter in the Marksman class.I will put it in a Ransom rest with match ammo in the coming weeks. I was also very impressed with the Magazine it was all metal . The other brand was thin plastic.I have no Idea of how this pistol will hold up Just thought I would give 1911 Shooters a heads up that wanted a 22 to practice with. Cheers Perry Shooter.


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    Thank you Karl, your opinion is valued.
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    When to the range today to test . I tried a number of different brands and types of Ammo. IMHO this would be a very good pistol to tune your shooting skills at a much cheaper price then shooting a 1911 Type pistol with centerfire ammo ,In all disciplines EXCEPT NRA Bulls-Eye if you are Expert or Master class shooter.It would work for starter up to Sharpshooter. I shot a number of groups at both 25 and 50 yards from my Ransom rest none of the 30 shot groups at either distance would keep all shots in the size of the 10 ring most match ammo would result with 25 or 26 Tens and 4 or 5 nine's The same ammo in my Karts were 30 TEN's and X's . Just to let you know I shoot the group then use a clear plastic Template over the holes in the paper . Remember I am looking for group size NOT Zero location. Again This is a Great pistol for the price "I paid $350.00 out the door" but it has it's limits . I hope this information is useful . PERRY SHOOTER
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