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This would seem to be so simple atool to use but I'm having a problem and your help would be appreciated. I have a combination bullet mould and reloader by Marlin and marked "38 S&W M". I'm trying load the old 38 S&W, not the 38 special, and have the correct cases. I've reloaded for pistol and rifle over the years with modern tooling. Through another post I learned one station sized the cast bullets, another sized the cases and primed them. The station closest to the hinge would seem to be used to seat the bullet. I cast the bullets and sized them. the cases were sized and primed. However, when I attempted to seat a bullet in a case, it wouldn't. The "built in" die seems to be too long/deep. There is absolutely no resistance. I searched GB and found nothing helpful. Nothing from internet searches.

Do I have the right tool? Is there some sort of a seating plug I'm missing?


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    Well it should be the right tool. I'm no expert on the really old ones, design dates to 1880's. Marlin owned the Ideal line from 1910 to 1925 or so. Then Lyman. Good ones with molds go for Hundreds of bucks especally in shootable cals like 45-70.

    It could have Bubba adjusted to 38 special. Usually the only incert is to allow decapping and those are mostly lost. There is some talk of incerts to allow a round ball to be loaded for indoor galery in addition to the conical bullet. The book LYMAN CENTENNAL JOURNAL 1878 - 1978 has some pic's of the 10 or so models. My best guess is a #2 or #4 as these models have a bullet sizer. #2 has an adjustable seating stem and the recapper lips at the far from hinge end of the mold. #4 has from the hinge- seater, recapper, bullet sizer. I'm not sure any of the old ones really resized the brass. Plus that old brass was usually thicker walled than our current stuff. A seperate sizing die is used.

    Search for "The 310 Shop". I had great dealings with the former owner Randy. I hear the new guy is good.

    Storm comming fast need to shut down hope this helps.

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    Thanks Charlie.

    Sounds like I have a #4. There are no adjustments on my tool.

    I was guessing that the shells would be sized as the are inserted in the hole for priming. Upon thinking about what you said, the hole would have to have a little bit of taper just so that shells could be started and then sized as the tool is closed. Now I know what I've seen on the aution side for old sizers.

    I tried found the 310 Shop but the site hasn't been updated for some time.
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